How to treat an escort?

Most people do not want to believe it or perhaps they refuse to accept it, but without a doubt the world of escorts, escort girls have grown in recent years. And of course it is not only singles who seek to combat loneliness who hire these services. Among the clientele there is a high percentage … How to treat an escort?

Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy 8,500 university students are looking for their ‘sugar daddy’: “It is not prostitution, it is to give a fly” After raising controversy in other countries of Europe, the platforms of ‘sugar dating’ expand in Spain. Actually, this type of practice is made of the same material as the booths of the discotheques, but … Sugar Daddy


This is how the world of luxury accompaniment has adapted to the coronavirus.Everything has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prostitution is just another of those things that have been forced to adapt to the new times by the coronavirus. Many escorts, during the confinement, have decided to return to their places of origin and … COVID-19

Sex With A Condom

The condom is the only method that reduces the risk of contracting an STD The risk of contracting an STD or sexually transmitted disease is reduced between 80 and 90% using a condom, provided it is used properly and during all sex. 2. If you think that you are free of these diseases and you … Sex With A Condom

The Girlfriend Experience

This is a service that still raises doubts about the concept, but it is becoming more and more popular among those men who are not looking only for a night of pleasure, but an added value in the form of the love and affection that they may lacking in your daily life. An escort specialized … The Girlfriend Experience