How to treat an escort?

Written by Girlfriend Escorts

Most people do not want to believe it or perhaps they refuse to accept it, but without a doubt the world of escorts, escort girls have grown in recent years. And of course it is not only singles who seek to combat loneliness who hire these services. Among the clientele there is a high percentage of married men who look for what they cannot find at home.

The clients vary on each occasion from mature married single young men but all with something in common always, having a wonderful experience with a young model or an attractive escort woman in our girlfriend escorts agency you will find everything you are looking for in that special meeting. But are there ways to treat a luxury companion? Below we recommend how to treat an escort and with it you will have a pleasant date for both of you.

Resorting to the services of an escort is not only for men in recent years, many of the women who hire company goats with whom to have a good time, there are also married couples and couples who go to escort services. Within this world of luxury escorts there are different profiles.

  • Gentlemen seeking only company.
  • Girlfriend experience
  • Gentlemen who think that the escort girl belongs to them.
  • Couples who want new experiences.

Some tips on how to treat an escort:

The client must imply what exactly she is looking for, especially if they are going to request services that are out of the ordinary for the model. It is clear that everyone is free to do what they want, likewise models and luxury companions are free to accept the requests or actions of a client, then the client will decide if it suits him or better to choose another girl who better suits him. the needs.

Another point is that education and respect should never be absent. Maintain a relationship with a girl from Company is no exception to respect. To obtain complete and real satisfaction with an escort, it will depend on the client and the girl to establish a complicity with each other to make each other feel comfortable, it is best to treat people well so that a relationship flows.

The fact of paying an agreed donation to a girl does not mean that the girl belongs to him, it is not an incentive to give the right to treat the girl as if she were an object of property, money does not buy the dignity of a luxury escort.

Making references about the price generates a possible coldness among the girl, we always advise clients to make any donation discreetly, comments such as << the price is too high >> << to see what you can do, with the price that already payment you have to do everything >>

Rather than helping, it creates unnecessary tension that cools the relationship. And above all it will revoke a bad experience for you. Remember to check the prices and services of each model to avoid any type of tension that interferes between the professionalism and naturalness of the model.

The ideal is to go to the appointment having made the payment in advance, so it will not be necessary to arrive at the time of payment. Remember to make the donation in an intimate moment not in front of third parties, donations are always in cash since the girls are not 100% dedicated to luxury accompaniment, therefore they do not carry a dataphone in their purse.

Remember, an escort can take you to the stars and treat you like nobody else, all in a natural and real way, but if in your appointment there is an absence of complicity, empathy, education and respect, it is difficult for the model to successfully complete your appointment. A friendly relationship is always a matter of two, not one.