Meeting Rates

A model companion, a luxury bride at your fingertips, we make it easy for you …

Our escort models are worth much more than what they ask for the donation of their time, time is that precious asset that never returns, we will never recover this second that has just passed that is why we must choose who to dedicate our time to valuable, and for that we thank you infinitely for being here. We have decided to lower our commission so that luxury is within your reach.

We bring to you the donations of our select and exclusive models from Barcelona, ​​in the table that you will see below where you can check the plans and outings you want to do whether they are weekend trips a full day. At the request of the models we have selected the best quotes for you. You can also consult our frequently asked questions regarding donations pink, silver, gold, diamond.

Donations for short and long-term meetings


1 hour €150

90 mins €230

2 hours €280

3 hours €410

4 hours €540

5 hours €670

6 hours €800

Up to 9 hr €950

Up to 12 hr €1200


1 hour €200

90 mins €280

2 hours €360

3 hours €520

4 hours €650

5 hours €780

6 hours €850

Up to 9 hr €1000

Up to 12 hr €1300

Gold (VIP)

1 hour €250

90 mins €350

2 hours €450

3 hours €620

4 hours €750

5 hours €860

6 hours €1000

Up to 9 hr €1200

Up to 12 hr €1400

Diamond (VIP)

1 hour €300

90 mins €400

2 hours €500

3 hours €700

4 hours €800

5 hours €950

6 hours €1,100

Up to 9 hr €1,300

Up to 12 hr €1,500

*Rates do not include meeting places such as apartments, flights and hotels.

**The fare for travel (taxi) can be around €30-35 in the center of Barcelona.

Long-term appointments, weekend trips.

One full day of love and lust 24h… €1900

Weekend sunrise with the girlfriend of your dreams 48h… €2900

Extra day of pleasure without limits… €1300

*For plans of more than 4 days please enquire.

*Transportation (Taxi, flights etc) or accommodation are not included.

We accept EUR, USD, CHF, BTC

Bitcoin transfer minimum 24 hours in advance and bank transfer 48 hours in advance.

Why is the Diamond rate higher than the pink rate?

It should be noted that all the models go through the donations of the pink rate since they are in an initiation period, that is to say, apprentices to move to a higher rate, thus the profile of the girl, her physique and intelligence is also valued. This does not mean that the Diamond models are prettier than the Pink models, it is a set of situations that make an accompanying model go up in the category “The rates” (donations) of the escort models may vary depending on the model as per Example feedbacks of our clients, demand, know-how, responsibility, physicality and education. All our models are affectionate, attentive, beautiful and intelligent. But as in any company to level up you have to start from the bottom.

Is transportation included?

The transport only includes in the apartments per hour that we recommend you can find them in our section of “meeting places” for trips to home hotels the taxi rate is €30 / €35.

Ways to pay donations for the time of our models.

We recommend that it be done discreetly and not in front of third parties in an envelope discreetly, it should be noted that for departures of more than 4 or 5 days, 45% must be paid in advance.

What services do the models perform?

Depending on the model and their preferences vary, our models are very complete and accommodating ladies in addition to being involved, but you must take into account that the extra services such as Greek, full French, lesbian attention to couples usually have a supplement, you can consult it in the profile of the model that you are interested.