Sugar Daddy

Written by Girlfriend Escorts

Sugar daddy 8,500 university students are looking for their ‘sugar daddy’: “It is not prostitution, it is to give a fly” After raising controversy in other countries of Europe, the platforms of ‘sugar dating’ expand in Spain. Actually, this type of practice is made of the same material as the booths of the discotheques, but never before have they found so much public exposure. For this reason, ‘sugar dating’, which entered Spain relatively recently but has become quite widespread, is being branded as disguised prostitution. These sugar daddy men appreciate a girl in all its splendor and value their meeting to the maximum, rewarding her with love, shopping trips and why not donations of money, It is clear what name gets to sleep with strangers in exchange for money, but it is not so clear if Doing it in exchange for a dinner at the most exclusive restaurant in the city receiving a paid donation and then going shopping does not cross that red line or not, these types of people, both men and women, are ahead of our time and know how to have a good time.